About Wölfersheim

Wölfersheim (Woelfersheim) provides a modern infrastructure with excellent shopping facilities for everyday needs, with kindergardens, schools and playgrounds, as well as community centers, sports facilities, and recreational facilities. Local doctors and pharmacies provide a hugely satisfying medical treatment.

In the early seventies the five villages Woelfersheim, Södel, Melbach, Wohnbach and Berstadt joined together to form an administratively and economically competitive community of nearly 10.000 inhabitants.


The former coal-mining town has long overcome its depression caused by the decline of the mining industry in the 70s. Wölfersheim takes pride in its versatility of industry, trade and craftsmanship. Enormous efforts are being made to preserve jobs and create new ones. Thus, the industrial and commercial area “Berstadt” has constantly been expanded.

At the same time new commercial space in the “Woelfersheim Industrial Park” has also been developed. Both areas offer excellent potientialities being within a stone`s throw to the Autobahn A 45 and only half an hour`s drive to the urban centres of Frankfurt or Gießen. In addition, building sites are offered by the community at reasonable prices.
Moreover Woelfersheim is livable and lovable even after work. Cultural activities, sports facilities, active club life, close to nature and scenic beauty are the foundation for a high quality of life in our community.



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